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This project directly engages 210 migrant women (30 in every partner country) and the staff of 5 municipalities, 7 local research/civil organisations and a wide network of Baltic Sea Region cities. Throughout its implementation, PITCH will involve social operators, policy-makers, private, civil and public entities working in the field of integration, as well as the wider public.


In the long term, the adoption of the PITCH model is expected to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic integration of migrant women in the involved countries. This will be achieved:

  • By offering personalised roadmaps to integration combining upskilling, awareness-raising and social activities tailored to each woman’s specific needs, and addressing different aspects of the integration process, women’s autonomy, awareness of existing services, and access to the labour market will be facilitated.
  • Through social activities, where migrant women will be offered a safe space to interact with the local community, thus strengthening their sense of belonging to the host society, and bringing a cascade effect on other migrant women, who are not directly involved in the project.
  • Through the multi-stakeholder project’s partnership that includes civil/research organisations and municipalities, through which PITCH will ease the sustainability of the local strategies and the mainstreaming of the model among relevant policy makers, and local stakeholders involved in integration processes.
  • Through the transnational peer-learning and exchange of practices between organisations and municipalities that will allow the exchange of new ideas on how to tackle integration issues, inspiring future strategies in the involved countries and beyond.


The partner organisations in PITCH will conduct a national analysis to identify local needs, map stakeholders and examine existing integration strategies; co-design the PITCH model for integration strategies during international working groups; adjust the model into 7 local integration strategies for migrant women, with the support of local advisory committees; and develop a series of activities that will be organized at a local, national, and EU level. In this phase, the PITCH model will be created, based on which 7 local integration strategies will be developed.

To view the PITCH Model and the local integration strategies developed, visit Reporting.

The development of the local integration strategies for Lithuania, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Greece and Sweden, and the PITCH Model developed will be put into practice in Phase 2. During this phase, the partner countries will test the local integration strategies by delivering an activity programme tailored to the personal needs and interests of migrant women with the aim to equip them with tool to enhance their autonomy and participation in the host society. The activities include:

  • 10 gatherings of migrant women (‘cozy corners’) between April – July, 2023
  • 30 migrant women in each partner country who will work with staff from the local organisation working on PITCH to build their Personalised Roadmap to Integration based on their needs and interests.
  • Classes on a) improving skills, b) increasing knowledge about local context, and c) social activities e.g. neighbourhood walks and social cafes for migrant women will be organised in order to complete in practice their personalised roadmap by attending education/social and upskilling activities of their interest and needs. For more information on the activities that will be provided, click here.
  • A world café where migrant women will discuss about their experience with PITCH, and the personal gains they made, and challenges they faced during the activities they participated in as part of their Personalised Roadmap to Integration.

If you are a migrant woman based in Lithuania, Cyprus, Slovenia, Spain, Italy, Greece and Sweden, interested to participate in Phase 2, contact the relevant organisation in your country. Find their contact information, by heading to the Contact Us section. 

In Phase 3 of PITCH, the partnership will initiate a months-long process to promote the lessons learned, the experiences gained and the local strategies developed to social practitioners, policy-makers, local private, public and civil entities and the wider public. As part of this final phase, PITCH will provide:

  • A White Paper outlining the PITCH Model, including the main challenges of the project, propose new perspectives for designing integration strategies and tools on how to translate it into various local contexts
  • Capacity-building activities for social workers and operators in all countries to support them in designing tailored, sustainable and needs-oriented integration initiatives. A total of 8 workshops of 4 hours each will be delivered under this activity between July – October 2024.
  • A panel discussion on local integration strategies attended by migrant women, local authorities, policy-makers, non-governmental and private organisations and the public. The panel discussion will be held between October – November 2024.
  • A webinar attended by multi-level integration stakeholders, in each partner country, who will be introduced to the results of PITCH and how they can utilise them to improve and tailor migrant women’s integration strategies. The webinar will be held between October – November 2024.

A ‘Meet the Neighbourhood’ event in each partner country, with migrant women at its core, sharing their experience from their participation in PITCH, followed by an intercultural celebration and a networking opportunity, marking the closing of the project.

  • A Final International Conference that will be held in Brussels, Belgium, in November – December 2024, promoting at a European level the PITCH Model, the White Paper and the overall impact of the project.


With migrant women at the core of its focus, PITCH welcomes migrant women from Cyprus, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Slovenia to participate in a series of social and educational activities that will be held throughout the programme. 

To bring migrant women’s integration challenges into the forefront, PITCH will systematically seek the close collaboration between the private, public and the civil sector as well as the involvement of the general public. This multi-level, and multi-stakeholder approach will ensure the project’s continuation through the adoption of the local integration strategies based on the PITCH Model by local authorities, decision-makers and civil and private entities.

If you are a migrant woman, a social practitioner, an interested individual or work in a public authority, head to the ‘Contact Us’ section to reach out to the relevant organisation in your country and get involved in the project

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