[SP] Cozy Corners in Seville

Over the past months, INCOMA and the Municipality of Seville have been creating spaces of quality and warmth (Cosy Corners) in Seville to welcome migrant women interested in participating in the PITCH project. They have engaged in meetings to get to know them better, understand their motivations and needs, in order to develop a personalised plan for each participant.

More than 50 migrant women from various countries have taken part in these meetings, including from Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Afghanistan, and Morocco, among others.

In these meetings, the women had the opportunity to get to know each other, listening to each other’s stories while sharing a cup of coffee. It has been a highly enriching encounter marked by active listening, empathy, and respect.

The training modules that will follow, aim to encompass a range of topics, including language acquisition, entrepreneurship, vocational training, labour market preparation, and human rights.

The upcoming training activities and mixed gatherings between migrant and local populations will kick off in mid-October and run through February.

If you are reading this and you are a migrant woman residing in Sevilla who would like to be part of the project, there is still time. You can get in touch with INCOMA via our email: bduque@incoma.net.